Boy@Indigo Island

Like father, like son. Shirts for adventures…

Strolling one day along the beach at Treasure Cove, on the western shore of our idyllic Indigo Island, we came across George, aged 9. He asked us if we could make shirts for him and his friends just like the ones we make for Dads. So we have.

From the island where fantasy is real and the real is fantastical, we are excited to introduce you to our new range…

As official Ambassador and Chief Consultant for Boy@IndigoIsland

we asked George what island life is like…

What’s the strangest creature on Indigo Island?
A Flamindigo. It’s just like a flamingo, but blue not pink. They live behind the baobab trees and you never know when one is going to jump out and surprise you.

What is your favourite Island ice cream flavour?
Well, it’s invisible to grown-ups and tastes of cloud, watermelon and sugar candy.

Rockpools or sand?
Rockpools – filled with seahorses, oysters and hermit crabs.

Bow & arrow or catapult?
I prefer bows & arrows because they’re easier to use but I did hit a crocodile once with a catapult. (Though it might have just been a log.)


Whales or sharks?
Sharks of course!

Pineapples or coconuts?
Pineapples to eat, coconuts to attack (see ‘pirates’ below).

What would you do on your first day as King of Indigo Island?
Abolish all laws, make popcorn and go fishing.

Is the cave at Lookout Point haunted?
No. But when the wind blows in from the north it echoes round the cave and sounds like wolves howling.


Do pirates visit the island?
They try to but we see them off with the coconuts – we fire them at 90mph out of a giant slingshot.

What’s the best piece of treasure you’ve found on the island?
A pearl as big as my fist. I’ve buried it in a secret spot and one day I’ll organise a treasure hunt for all the other Indigo boys.



— George is 9 years old and is wearing 9-10 yrs

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