A short story

You asked and we’ve responded… We spent the winter months not only designing and sampling our iconic Shirts but also - no, it’s not a typo - Shorts!  

Made from soft linen with a button fly and a proper leg length (no skimpy hot pants on our Island, thank you very much) and a decent depth of pocket, they’ll be coming ashore in three colours: Pacific Navy, Aegean Sky and Nantucket Sound, and will be available in 5 sizes, from Small (30” waist) to XXL (38” waist).

While the Shorts themselves are a single colour we’ve added one of our signature block printed cotton fabrics to the internal waistband, just so you know they’re made by us.

We’d like to give a big shout out to our Indigo Men…  Jem, Jamie, Tom, Chocolate Mike, Other Mike, Alasdair and Catwalk Charlie, who all gamely got their pins out in the depths of winter to help us with sizing.

The Shorts that take you from Coast to Cocktails and everywhere in between.