Dedicated to craftsmanship

Our shirts are made from finely woven cotton cambric with an even 60-thread count warp and weft weave, giving them softness and an even grain. The fabric falls beautifully… perfect for cool, comfortable summer clothing.

The cotton is then hand block printed by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India – proud masters of a heritage craft that has been a specialty of the region since the 17th Century. Intricate mirror image wood blocks are expertly carved, one for each layer of colour, then each carefully printed on the fabric by hand.

The fabrics move on to Delhi, where they are washed in preparation for cutting and stitching. Each shirt is then hand cut and tailored, so that the patterns match across the plackets and pockets, giving them seamless quality.

The Indigo Island shirt has a contemporary tailored cut and cutaway collar. The shirt features a French placket, enabling the fabric to be matched seamlessly across the front of the garment, as it is across the pocket. Single-needle stitching lends an elegant finish to the placket, pocket and yoke, while the sculpted hem, double-button barrel cuff and mother of pearl buttons complete the design.

From concept to creation...